Padel at Solihull Arden Club

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world and at Solihull Arden we’ve been hosting Padel in our club since Summer 2021.

In Spain it is played by over 5 million people and is growing rapidly across the whole of Europe.

It is a relatively easy game for tennis or squash players to pick up, but all racquet newcomers can easily discover Padel at Solihull Arden Club.

We have 3 padel courts and since the launch, court bookings are growing quickly.

We already have an internal league established and some team matches arranged with other clubs, so be sure to enquire about joining our team!

Padel Leagues

The Padel leagues are for doubles play only and run monthly.

To join the leagues please email details to our Tennis and Padel Chairman, Paul Stanley –

A Choice Of Courts

Looking for something other than Tennis? No matter what your sport of choice, we have a fantastic variety of courts to choose from.