Squash at Solihull Arden Club

If you’ve played a racquet sport before (e.g. tennis or badminton) then be sure to give Squash or racketball a try at Solihull Arden Club.

If you’re a newcomer to the sport, you can quickly get started with some coaching from our own on-site racquet pros.

While tennis and badminton require you to have an opponent to play, the best part of racketball and squash is that you can practice alone on a court and many people do just that to improve much more quickly.

Our facilities include 6 Squash Courts: 2 with glass back-walls and adjustable height tins; all with glass doors; all with LED lighting; 5 courts have viewing balconies and 1 “show-court” with tiered seating for up to 60 spectators.

All of our courts are bookable online and annually maintained with floors sanded and walls cleaned.

Juniors Squash

Our juniors classes are the perfect way for young newcomers to quickly get started in this amazing sport.

Social Squash

If you want to learn squash and racketball without the competitive element, then you can join us for some friendly games.

Competitive Squash

If you're ready to get competitive with your squash and racketball games, then you can take the next step up to our competitive leagues.

Coaching Sessions for Squash and Racketball

Please check our class availability in advance by contacting Chris on 07971986926.

Classed are £8 if booked in 3 to 4 week blocks or £10 for ‘pay as you go’, provided there is space.

A Choice Of Courts

Looking for something other than Squash? No matter what your sport of choice, we have a fantastic variety of courts to choose from.