Social Squash

at Solihull Arden Club

The Solihull Arden Club is the best place in Solihull to pick up the game of squash in a fun and relaxed environment.

With dozens of players at a wide range of skill levels, there’s never been a better time to join Solihull’s best squash club and learn the game with our community, or bring your own friends along for a few games.

Play With Friends

Solihull Arden Club is the perfect place in Solihull to bring a squash buddy, or simply make new friends at the club and get stuck into a game of squash.

Enjoy Solo Play

Squash is one of the few racquet sports which can be played solo, so there's never an excuse not to pop down the club and play a few games.

A Choice Of Courts

Looking for something other than Tennis? No matter what your sport of choice, we have a fantastic variety of courts to choose from.