Competitive Squash

at Solihull Arden Club

While often played alone, Squash and racketball can be played as excellent competitive sports and any experienced player will tell you that the very best way to progress is to join the internal leagues.

Leagues bring the opportunities to play different people, but also open the door for making friends and finding more people to play friendly matches with.

Club tournaments are held throughout the year at Solihull Arden Club, and the pinnacle of these competitions is getting selected to play team squash in the Warwickshire league.

At Solihull Arden Club, we give you the connections and the skills to compete with dozens of other squash players, to take your game further.

Internal Leagues

Internal leagues can be booked using our MyCourts booking system with no need to qualify. Leagues run from the first day to the last day of each month.


As well as the annual Squash and Racketball club championships, there are a number of other tournaments throughout the year which we offer to all members of the Solihull Arden Club.

Warwickshire Leagues

Throughout the year, you are able to compete further, as part of the country league. Usually the Club enters 3 or 4 men’s teams, 1 ladies' team and 1 Racketball team.

Elite Squash Players

At Solihull Arden we welcome professional and semi-professional players to come and use our courts to practice and play each other as part of their mission to both maintain and further develop their fitness and skills. It is inspirational to see their agility, speed and skills at first hand.

A Choice Of Courts

Looking for something other than Squash? No matter what your sport of choice, we have a fantastic variety of courts to choose from.